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PORAHO | এখানেই শেষ নয় | 26TH FEBRUARY

written by Orthy Ali February 22, 2016

They started out as a group of four friends jamming together and now they’re an official band well on their way to release their second album. They decided to take the next step and they named themselves accordingly. That’s right people, We’re talking about Poraho. Mashrur Rumman (vocals), Shahed Hossain (guitars), Pritom Arefin (guitars), Reshad Rafiq Shams (bass, backing vocals) and A.K.Rahul (drums) make sure that their fans don’t miss them too much by staying regular at concerts and they’re bringing us some of the best Rock music the country has to offer. This week, BCBD caught up with A.K Rahul of Poraho while the big release is knocking on the door. We discussed about their new album and about their new sound. Read on to see what he has to see to you all.


**Photography by: Tanvir Mahmud.

*What should we expect from the upcoming album?

“A lot of new listeners for sure and yes as musicians we’d love it if people find it soothing and relatable to life and songs that we hope don’t fade away.”

*Tell us about the symmetries and the compositions.

“We all do our parts, someone writes the lyrics while others try to tune it and the band joins in. Mostly we focused a bit more on the instrumental sections compared to our first album, but in songs like Jani nei, durey chole jao, lyrics were written first and we tried to produce music accordingly. This is how we usually work.”

*What are the songs mostly about?

“Its mostly about people and their emotions, but on this album we tried to put some variations like we got a song about a floating spaceman lol and even ghosts! so yeah let’s see what happens.”

*How do you describe your music to people?

“We want to express positivity more through music, we also got songs that we think would be a friend for people falling in and out of love.”

*What are your immediate music career goals?

“Its still a hobby for us which we take VERY seriously but still it would be great if it turns out to be a career for us because we love making music, but in our country is very challenging to do so. So for now- produce more songs, do more shows and stay together.”

*Who are your musical influences?

Poraho is influenced internationally by: Alter Bridge, Creed, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Doors Down, Daughtry and even Metallica and Pantera. Local bands: Black, Nemesis, Arbovirus, Warfaze, Artcell.. list goes on!”

*Any last words about the album?

“All we can say is ‘Ekhanei Shesh Noy‘”





Their first self titled album Poraho, which is already a public hit, was a composition of 11 ferocious and overpowering tracks which were written and tuned by Mashrur Rumman and was mix mastered by Ratul from Owned. Moving on to the new album release, the fact that Focus Bangladesh, CMUD EVENTS, LIVE2WEB, SCREAM are promoting such a band keeping in mind that such talent needs to be nurtured, is truly amazing.



Good music today is thin on the ground with this pioneering band. Now as a band they’re also well known for endeavoring to match the sound of their music and their visual aesthetic.



From the artwork that adorns their albums, their spellbinding subterranean live shows along with the imagery and the hard work they employ to promote the band as a whole, is truly praiseworthy.

On another note, you MUST attend a special performance from PORAHO on the day of the release of “Ekhanei Shesh Noy.” Find the details down below:~

Date: February 26th, 2016.
Time: 2:20 PM – 8:00 PM.
Venue: Friends Club Convention Center, Sector 3, Uttara.






Also, there will be guest bands performing too! Such as:

:: Arbovirus
:: Aushruto
:: Bluesthetics
:: Conclusion
:: Dreek
:: Dhushor (From Rajshahi)
:: Halo
:: Hash
:: Sacred Martians
:: Srot
:: The Manager
:: Owned.

To get in contact with Poraho:



Booking Agent: A.K. Rahul, 01923652616.
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