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10 Facts About Mötley Crüe You Probably Didn’t Know

written by Naseeha Rahman May 12, 2017

The notorious American band that was an act for over three decades, had many stories, good and bad. With Vince Neil as the frontman, Nikki Sixx as bassist, Tommy Lee in drums and Mick Mars in guitar, this glam metal band had a hell of a ride from the 80s to the 2000s. Today, as big lovers of their music, we will be sharing a few lesser known facts about Mötley Crüe.

  • As a 3-year-old, Mick Mars went to the 4-H Fair, where he watched country singer, Skeeter Bonn playing at Hier’s Park. That was his first glimpse at life under the spotlight and he was immediately enthralled. He said, “He had on a bright orange suit with a bunch of rhinestones on it, and a big white Stenson hat. I was a little kid but I was knocked over.”
  • Nikki Sixx was always very vocal about his Heroin addiction and wrote a book about his experience, called “The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star. The book was published in 2007.
  • During the late 90s, Tommy Lee left the group for a while and Samantha Maloney played the drums. She even played on the “New Tattoo” tour but left after Tommy came back in 2004. She was the only female member of the band.
  • Sixx, Lee and Neil once doused a tree in their courtyard and set it on fire, for fun.
  • Their fans once threw animal bones, sausages and darts at them, in London.
  • Fred Saunders, who joined tour security in the 80s, said in The Heroin Diaries that Mötley Crüe’s manager told him he would get a bonus if he hit the band to keep them in line. He broke Tommy’s nose in Indiana.
  • Vince Neil once bought cocaine from a drag queen, which turned to be baby powder. He got in a huge bar fight over that, with the dealer.
  • Recording the staccato guitar line for “Girls, Girls, Girls”, Mars fell out of his chair because he was too drunk. That take was on the record.
  • The band was so unruly when they were to open for a KISS tour, that Gene Simmons had to fire them.
  • The song “Too Fast for Love” was recorded in just three days, with the band drunk, the whole time!

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