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5 Facts That You May Not Have Known About Daft Punk

written by Rifat Khan September 16, 2015

After being in the music scene for close to two decades now, Daft Punk was back on stage at the Grammies not only to perform but to take home awards as well.

The duo, dressed in their spotlessly clean outfits complete with head gear didn’t talk at the receiving of their awards. During both of their appearances at the Grammies, they always had someone do the acceptance speeches for them, maintaining that robotic element that they have managed to keep for years.



Here’s some facts about the mysterious duo:

1. Daft Punk is Thomas Bangalter, 39, and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, 40. They both have two kids and live and work in Los Angeles, although they also have a studio in Paris.

2. They both grew up in Paris, France and were friends since the eighth grade.

3. The duo decided a long time ago to always appear in masks and costume in public or photography because they want to avoid the pitfalls of what they call the “star system.” Mainly, it allows them to have more privacy. Basically, they are famous but people don’t know who they are. Their masks are reportedly very high-tech and contain air conditioning and a communication channel. Maybe it’s because they’re from France, which has stricter privacy laws.

4. They have made four albums in sixteen years in addition to the soundtrack for 2010 Disney movie Tron: Legacy. Their most recent record, Random Access Memories, won five Grammys for album of the year, best dance/electronica album, best engineered album. Their single “Get Lucky” was awarded record of the year and best pop duo/group performance.

5. They are not interested in playing live shows. “We’re not sensitive to any kind of pressure, because the most valuable thing we have is our own freedom and creative dreams,” said Bangalter for the WSJ. “There’s less value for us in a big bag of money than in a creative idea we want to fulfill. The world we live in today is slightly off because money makes the world go. So we’ve had the freedom to always pick the thing that makes us the most happy.”

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