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AggronympH (Q/A)

written by BCBD Magazine August 29, 2016

1. How did you guys started out as a band? 

Question 1 Answer: In the year 2009, me and some of my friends started a band named ‘Biothroes’, heavily influenced by Melodic Death Metal,Thrash Metal & Modern Metal! We had several line up changes due to timing, personal and skill issues! There were so many ups and downs and we were facing a lot of problems during the year and the next. So, in 2011 Me,Shurovi & Ratul we decided to officially change the band’s name and form ‘AggronympH’,decided to change the genre of the band as well to Gothic Metal,as all of us personally had a weak spot for that kind of music! Then We recruited Meraz Azad (Bass) & Junayed Al Imran(Drums). Then we started our journey,rehearsing most of the time, doing live shows, and making own tracks! So that is how AggronympH came to it’s existence!

2. What are you working on right now?

Question 2 Answer: Currently,I am in Bangladesh till August 31st,will be going back to China soon and continue the band there with its current abroad members (ZED,GODRIC,JOEL,AMY,ONIM & ELAIN)! Now the band is producing a new EP & Music Video here with some of the ex members of the band and it’s expected to be finished and released before I head back abroad! People working on this project of Aggronymph are Saad Al Sami Arnob(Guitars,Harsh Vocals,Composer,Lyrics,Sound Engineering),Abdullah Bin Haque Ratul (Guitars,Clean Vocals,Composer,Lyrics), Nureen Mahnoor (Vocals), TMMA Borno(Bass,Guitar) & Raad A. Islam Tomo (Drums & Percussion)!

3. Where do you see your band in 10 years?

Question 3 Answer: Somewhere in the west,as Me,Zed & Joel will be heading there! Making Music & Touring across the Horizon! The plan is, to stick to what we love doing! That’s It,rest is unsure!

4. What obstacles did you face as a band?

Question 4 Answer: Inconsistent Members!

5. How much do you guys earn by performing?

Question 5 Answer: Highest Paid Show In China: 4500-5000 RMB (Qianjiang,Hubei,China)

6. According to you what measures should be taken to improve the music culture of Bangladesh?

Question 6 Answer: In order to improve the scenes here, Government,Corporate Support & Exposure is needed,also needs more variations in the underground music,the old and newbies need to take vast influences in order to improve , maintain the quality of their product! Keep things decent! Also the recording studios and sound engineers needs to improve! Quality should be given more priority rather than quantity! If the people keep it decent then we believe the sky is the limit!

7. What genres do you like to cover most?

Question 7 Answer: Genre is ‘Racist’ , Music is Universal! We just do what we feel like doing! Those covering days are over though

9. What sets you apart from your competition?

Question 9 Answer: I guess there is no exact competition to be precise!There is nothing much to worry about! We try our best to do what we love, we have so many vast amount of influences from different type of Bands and Artists! Mostly Metal & Electronic Music! So We try to create something that is different from others (For Real)! Some people might take it as really weird! But the things is we are really bored of hearing the same things being done over & over again! So, we are determined to create something that we actually want to hear from a band!

10. Any suggestions for new comer bands?

Question 10 Answer: we are nobody to suggest anything to anybody. we don’t have any such authority.Yet to a answer the question, ‘Find your own guidance’.


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