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Apeiruss and Their Goals To Revolutionize EDM

written by Naseeha Rahman May 11, 2017

A trio since March 2014, Apeiruss has gone pretty far in the electronic scene, here in Bangladesh. Along with a lot of live performances, they even brought out quite a few songs of their own. This electronic-based band consists of Samee, Shafi and Andy. Their passion and talent for the music they make has gained them a lot of admirers, over time. They’ve even had the opportunity to work with popular artists like Tahsan. As a matter of fact, these guys have a new music video coming out very soon, in collaboration with him.

Apeiruss’ goal is to provide dance music their listeners will enjoy and bring about an EDM revolution in the country. So far, they have been doing quite well, on that note. As performers, they are expected to give the crowd a good time and judging by the audience they get, they have been delivering. The music they create will take these three quite far and hopefully, they will inspire more young people to enrich the Bangladeshi music scene, the way they have.

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