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Arijit’s Orchestra Night Promotions Obscure Bengali Artists

written by oishee.n28 March 12, 2016

Last Thursday night (10th March, 2016), the Mirpur Army Stadium saw a house full of energetic music enthusiasts moving and grooving to the rhythm of some of the best music of time. The “Arijit Singh Symphony Orchestra” was indeed an outstanding success, with hundreds of people hyped up to see this superstar. Wherever you looked, you could see how each and every one of the attendees was all hyped up to catch a glimpse of Arijit. The enthusiasm and excitement in the atmosphere was almost tangible. Ranging from teens to adults, everyone was busy taking selfies, posting on Facebook, Instagram and all other social sites, pronouncing Arijit’s name like a mantra. Sadly, not one of them seemed to be even distantly aware of the fact that two of our very own renowned singers, Elita and Mahadi, were also supposed to be performing on the same stage as Arijit.

Such was the behind-the-scenes picture of this concert. While the event had extensive media and communications coverage on social sites, newspapers, TV, radio stations as well as posters, all of which featuring Arijit Singh only, these local singers were not only obscured from the limelight, they were seemingly completely invisible. This massive error in the part of the organizing institution Dhansiri caused our artists to withdraw themselves from the event, deeming the situation to be highly insulting.

Quoting Elita, “I was not satisfied with the overall program and thus, was forced to withdraw myself at the last moment.” When asked about the reason behind her dissatisfaction, she said, “Firstly, there were some miscommunications. Secondly, the promotional TV airings, posters and tickets did not present us righteously either.”

Meanwhile, according to Mahadi, “The local artists in our country have always been neglected by the organizers in concerts featuring any foreign artists. This concert has also shown no difference. Just looking at the TV airings, posters and tickets, you can understand exactly how insignificant we are deemed to be. As an artist, it is extremely disturbing.”

The director of Dhansiri, Shami Kaysar, who had initially confirmed Elita and Mahadi as performing artists to Prothom Alo, later said, “They two singers have complained about not being fairly promoted as part of the performing crew for the concert. Our communications department had printed the tickets for the event long before confirming them and so, we had some trouble regarding it. So, we left the whole matter on their hands. However, we were taking every measure for better and appropriate promotional views for the second round of communications. But the two artists had withdrawn themselves before it was possible.”

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