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Bedheadz – The Ultimate Electronic Duo

written by Naseeha Rahman May 10, 2017

Bedheadz is a duo of youngsters, Kadin Ehsan Imdad (KADIN) and Zayan Khan (Fantasy Induced), who are new to the Bangladeshi Electronica scene. These two have been practicing music together since 2011, and have released quite a few pieces. They concentrate on creating good dance music for their listeners, performing live, as well as teaming up with other artists to create something new. They have so far worked with record labels like Incursion, Electro and Quicksand Recordings and will hopefully, branch out more, in time. They had the chance to perform alongside Diplo, here, at Le Meridien, Dhaka, and the crowd seemed to really love them. They have also, recently released their first ever music video of the song “And You Know”, in collaboration with Messup, featuring Samin Al Sabah. The content they have created and the amount of dedication they show towards their art, proves that these two have amazing things coming their way, quite soon.

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