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Best 5 Nemesis !!!

written by BCBD Magazine May 24, 2016

Nafee Chowdhury



One of the most fan favorite hard rock band from Bangladesh Nemesis surely worked their heart to become one of the most successful band in the scenario . Forming back in 1999 they first released their debut album ‘Onneshon’ in 2005 and their second studio album ‘Tritio Jatra’ in 2011 . Since then Nemesis has made quite a reputation among our generation.

Nemesis is now currently working on their third full length album ‘কে জানে, কে বোঝে?‘ at Acoustic Artz which will be released in a few months.

Let’s take a look back some of the greatest Nemesis tracks.

This is BCBD Magazine’s top five Nemesis tracks :


  • NO.1 will be none other than ‘Obocheton

There is no underground concert without any band covering Obocheton.A master piece with heavy guitar riffs and deep lyrics makes this song our the top pick.

  • NO.2 will be ‘Kobe

This song will make you jump the roof of the venue.

  • NO.3 is ‘Bir

A classic piece of Nemesis.One of the most heavy tracks by them.

A very chilled song.This is the type of song that will make you fall in love the first time you 13094395_10153794487533025_1949647244385153065_nhear it.

This song speaks to me like none other. A very beautiful composition by them.

But none the less  Nemesis has made two of the most legendary albums that can never be replicate. I urge all the readers to listen to their album . All their songs has some massage to deliver and some much struggle and dedication put through this albums

And also we can’t wait for their upcoming album ‘কে জানে, কে বোঝে?

So stay tuned to  Nemesis.

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