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Blunderware Interview

written by BCBD Magazine July 4, 2016

Nafee Chowdhury, Edited by Raisa Rahman


Formed in 2009 Blunderware rocking the scene by one the most beautiful number to actually touching the hearts of people which they refer as ‘Chaddis’ from around the world.With only few tracks released by Blunderware made a huge name for themselves.


This is the interview with Blunderware on their success,future and upcoming news by BCBD Magazine


Q1.So what was the reaction you guys get after seeing the amazing reaction you guys get for your song ‘afim chass’ ?

A:  It’s divided, really. It’s been more than 6 years since that song released. It is not who we are anymore, as people, as musicians, as music aficionados, as a band. The song was recorded with an acoustic nylon guitar from Rafa, a bass guitar, and drum simulators, again at Rafa’s. These were all the instruments we had. A bass player with two bass guitars, and nothing else. So, the song sounds exactly like what we were then. Afim Chaash was written before Blunderware existed. It was just me and Mushfiq, writing a song I wrote on a napkin which made its way into my diary then. Since then, we’ve changed cities (Chittagong to Dhaka), we’ve changed members (Mushfiq left, Imran of the Imran Ahmed Quintet replaced him, then left too, Wadud left Dhaka, Salman of then Loco Motive/Absent Element joined on the drums, Asir Arif replaced Imran, then he left, then Sinjan of the Crowd joined on guitars and Jawad of the Aloonies joined in on keyboards, Wadud came back and now we have two drummers; we’re pretty complicated!).. but the song remains the same.

We don’t perform the song too much anymore, but every time we do, the reception we get for it is insane. It’s a lot more than we deserve. More then Blunderware, we are the guys who write Afim Chaash. We want to step out of the song’s shadow, but we cannot ever ignore the love. It was enough for audiences anywhere we went to sing the song so loud that I did not have to sing even a line; but there have been gigs where kids in the front row have screamed out the guitar piece in the middle, note for note. How does one ignore that much love? Like I said before, it’s complicated!


Q2.how far off are you guys from your debut album ?

A: Ah, man. Everyone keeps asking us this question, and all we can do is sigh. I cannot begin to explain how our songwriting works; it is a slow process, and we are also a combination of very lazy and busy people; Shanto, Salman and I are all in jobs which require a lot of our time and energy, and pouring the rest into the band is also a process which is terribly hard at the best of times, with other forms of basic entertainment that need to be sacrificed. We want to watch Game of Thrones too, you know? And go for a movie or two? And eat out with our girlfriends, wives and families. Living gets in the way of art is the shortest way of expressing this feeling of seeming non-productivity. It’s also not for the lack of trying; mostly it’s my fault. We recorded at least most of 5-6 songs last year, in a push to record the album before Asir left for the States. But that hurry made the songwriting … rushed. I’m not built like that. A lot of people, senior musicians, would tell you that you need to just vomit out the first album, warn you that you will never be satisfied when optimum satisfaction is your primary goal. But my art is my art, and I personally want to spend as much time as I can on it, to hone it. To get the entire vision entirely right.

It will be out, eventually. We are getting to a point where we can give more time to the band, making certain decisions in life to help that. The concept of the album is ready, the songs are being jammed the final time as we speak, to iron out the little details, and two lyrics await writing. It will happen. I hate giving a time for it, but I would say 2016 – 2017 is the timeline you get the Blunderware album I hope you’ve been waiting for. Goodness knows you deserve it.

Q3.how does it feel having 7 minds working together in the studio ?

A: Frustrating when no one shows up on time, fantastic when in sync. Also, borrowed time in other people’s studios is a hard way to work. That is a big change that will happen. Two big plans coming up for Blunderware that I cannot talk about right now. Fingers crossed.

Q4.How far are you willing see this band go?

A: The entire distance, man. It could be just an album. It could be ten. The day it will stop making sense for any one of us, that’s more or less the end of the band for that person. Who knows? Maybe Blunderware will be a completely different set of people in the future. Shit happens!

Q5.Any news or announcement for the ‘Chaddis’ ?
A: Do not believe waiting is not worth it. If you have the patience of the devil, even the people who have wronged you will come back to set it right. Wait for it. You are the loveliest people in the world. I know you will wait. Haha.

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