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Bringing a Twist to Cover Songs – Xefer Rahman

written by Naseeha Rahman May 27, 2017

Xefer Rahman has grown quite popular among young music fans of our country, over the years. This YouTube personality has brought a new tone to our music scene, with the work she puts out. With her unique, full voice, she has attracted a lot of admirers, all over the world. The depth and intensity her voice brings to the songs she sings, makes them stronger, more powerful.

Xefer started out as a cover artist, singing western songs she loved, adding in her individual touches. She has never even been taught professionally to sing; something quite hard to believe, judging by her beautiful voice. Forever an avid listener, Xefer once decided to sing a song and record it on her phone. She received loads of support from her friends and family. And thus, began her journey toward YouTube stardom.

She mostly works with the pop and rock genre, in both her covers and originals. Her cover of the song, “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson has gained more than 223k views on YouTube. She has now grown enough to produce professional music videos for her cover songs and is soon releasing her new album, “Uncaged”. Her YouTube channel already features two of the official music videos from the unreleased album. Indeed, the singer/songwriter has really been hard at work with her music!

With her style, confidence and talents, Xefer really sets a good example for Bangladeshi girls trying to pursue music as a profession. She is performing live at various events, gaining international recognition and making music that is quite out-of-the-ordinary in our current scene. And she’s really making a difference, breaking down stereotypes with her art.


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