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Chris Cornell Dies at 52

written by Naseeha Rahman May 19, 2017

The American singer, musician and songwriter, Chris Cornell, worked with both Soundgarden and Audioslave. Actively making music since 1984, he released many numbers over the years, praised and loved by listeners. Along with the songs he worked on with his bands, he also did some solo work, releasing five albums of his own.

However, on 17th May, 2017, the rock legend’s life came to an early end. He performed at a show with Soundgarden at the Fox Theatre. Later, he was found dead, in his bathroom at the MGM Grand in Detroit. The cause of death was said to be suicide by hanging. According to his wife, Vicky, it had not seemed like he would intentionally take his life. But she did state that a conversation with him on the phone had made her suspicious, so she had asked a friend to check up on him. Rushing into his room, they found him on the bathroom floor, with a rope around his neck. It has been stated that his drug usage could be related to this incident.

Cornell struggled with drugs and addiction from a very young age. He had admitted to have abused the opiate OxyContin and had even gone to rehab. But whatever may have caused his early demise, he will be missed by the musical world immensely. Considered to be one of the most important frontmen of his age and time, the contributions he made to music will live for a long time.

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