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written by Orthy Ali June 21, 2016

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” maybe are the correct words to describe how they started. Daddy’s Pedal is now the country’s first boutique stomp pedal manufacturing company, founded by Azizur Rahman and Navid Imtiaz Chowdhury about 2 years back in 2014.

“We were looking for an analog gear to record few of our songs but analog gears are so expensive we could only afford to buy only one pedal.” -Navid Imtiaz Chowdhury. Afterwards, the plan shifted to modifying one pedal, which was a Boss MT2 (Metal Zone). After much studying, they took the risk of modifying the pedal. Later on they were really amazed by the massive outcome. Just to check what they have done, they posted a video on social media and guitarists from all over the country appreciated their work very much. This boosted their confidence to a level where they finally decide to make their own pedals.

Eventually, they went deeper down the circuits to comprehend how it really works. Hence, they checked the inside out of almost every popular pedal and came up with their own Egena 808 Overdrive, which is their version of the Classic Tube Screamer and Angry Daddy Compressor. Initially, finding all the parts were very much difficult for them, so they started importing most of the parts through Amazon to make it happen.

When the two pedals came to life, feedback’s from the Guitarist Community were coming vastly. People started ordering these pedals for themselves. Gradually many improvements came in through RnD, many newspapers started writing about the pedals as this was the first time for pedals to be manufactured in Bangladesh. Since then, they were focusing more on what they can do to improve their products and services.

As a pedal manufacturer, Daddys Pedal stands out from the other brands because of their Price and Quality. Every pedal is reasonably priced so that anyone can afford it whilst the other famous companies are charging more for similar pedals.

Now, they have 11 regular pedals in their product line. This includes overdrives, distortions, delay, compressor and boosters. Moreover, they have a separate custom unit where they exclusively design pedals for artists and musicians. The first custom artist was Mr. Hamza Ahamed from the band Echoes with his Fuzz named FuzzLami.

For inquiries, visit their facebook page:

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