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Electronic Propaganda – We were there.

written by TheMadRattler February 12, 2016

Did you catch what just went down yesterday evening at the Goethe Institut auditorium?

Arranged and organized by Riot Electronic Arts and Music, the country’s finest electronic musicians, KymaTrip, Zaeed Zubair and FahadZaman offered us an evening of sonic art and dance right here at Goethe Institut Bangladesh. The BCBD team headed there with some of our friends. And most of us seemed to have quite a lot of fun. It was also our first, although unofficial, meet-up.

The electronica scene in Bangladesh is still under construction. We were surprised to arrive at an almost empty room at first. But minutes after the concert started, people started arriving. The crowd was a little shy at first. It took some coaxing from Zaeed Zubair to call them on to the floor. In no time, the whole building was booming with music and the crowd was smashing the dance floor to the beats. Friend of mine, Rafi was among the last to get on the dance floor. But once he was there, you couldn’t pull him out if you tried. The team went wild inside. Only the team knows just how much I enjoyed the experience.

All in all, the team and our friends had a great time. Once again, a big thanks to Goethe Institut, Riot EA&M and the amazing artists for this fun evening. The team will be looking forward to more events like this.

Stay tuned for more updates. Cheers.

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