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Enriching the Bangladeshi Rock Scene – Ashes

written by Naseeha Rahman May 17, 2017

This is a journey that began back in 2006. A couple of cousins decided to experiment with their new ideas and create something different from the general music we hear these days. The experiments continued but until 2009, they were not really a well-formed, serious band. Over the years, a few more people joined, the group grew, and eventually, they started working on their music with much more dedication.

With Zunayed Evan in vocals, Sultan Rafsan Khan in guitar, Wahid uz Zaman Turjo at the bass, Adnan B Zaman with his keyboard and Tawkir Rahman Evan at drums, the band is now perfectly formed. They tend to perform live sometimes, and their audience is steadily increasing. They have also covered a lot of Bengali songs by talented artists. Mostly comprised of the young generation of Bangladesh, their listeners appreciate the music and lyrics these guys create. These Bengali songs contain a lot of meaning, being mostly about life, love, and different experiences. It’s clear that these artists create each number with a huge amount of feeling. A lot of the songs have a mixture of despair and sadness, or rage. Everything combined, they are very easy to relate to, so, they tend to reach a lot of people. So far, Ashes has released two mixed albums, in collaboration with other artists, namely, “Hatiar” and “The 69”. Other than that, they have their own solo album, “Chharpoka”, which has gained a lot of praise. The album contains the song, “Ki Ar Hobe”, which is quite the fan favourite. The band claims to have been inspired by artists like Arnob, Nagar Baul, Shironamhin, etc. and indeed, their songs do have slight similarities with these artists’.

Ashes has grown a lot in the eyes of critics and listeners, through their songs. Yet, they are still an underground band, their songs still not as popular as they are good. But their fanbase is steadily growing, as they tour through the country and people are exposed to their art.

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