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written by BCBD Magazine May 14, 2016
Exenemy, a speed metal/heavy metal band from Dhaka, Bangladesh, formed in 2012 and currently working on their full length album. This will be their first album after their online release of their debut EP ‘Overture’ which consisted three original tracks.
Members of Exenemy:
-Shanil Arnab – Lead Guitarist,
-Emran Hassan – Vocal,
-Akib Sharif – Bassist,
-Ahmed Souren – Lead Guitar
-Sharyar Hassan – Drums
-Mashuq Haque – Keyboardist
This is the interview with Mashuq Haque (keyboardist) from Exenemy:
Q1. How is the back and forth lineup change putting an impact on musical style of exenemy?
A: Let’s just say that we started off with Thrash and heavy and now we are more into Power Metal-corish thingy. It did have an effect but in a great way to be very honest, since the effect was not that great.
Q2. How long do we have to wait for the full length album to come out?
A: Not long at all. This year hopefully.
Q3. How would you describe the tracks in the album ?
A: A rebel against the corrupts and a small reminder of all the unnamed soldiers in this country.
Q4. What are the plans after you guys launch your new album?
A: Tours and few music videos.
Q5. How are people enjoying the EP you guys released online last year?
A: Well, it’s been 6 months now and people are really giving us great support out there.
Q6. How much are you guys representing about speed metal/heavy metal music?
A:​ A lot I believe but a lot of power and groove as well to be fair.
Q7. Are there any further plans for making music videos?
A: Yes there is one coming out this year then 3 more next year.
Q8. Who are your influences ?
A: Us…every members in it. No other bands just whatever we play together.
Q9. Who would you like to tour with? Name three bands .
A: Someone once said if you want to go big then aim big so we are gonna say bands like Dragonforce, Symphony X and Dream Theater. Haha
Q10.  What are your upcoming plans ?
A:  The album and the music video for now and later we’ll probably tour.
Edited by Orthy Ali

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