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written by Rifat Khan June 3, 2016

Nafee Chowdhury


So it’s finally here. The long awaited mix album Hall of Rock is finally in town and it’s coming this 4th of June. Get ready to reset your playlist because this mix album is going to be hot for this summer. Ten of the most must see new faces of the rock n roll bands are going to blow your mind off.

Incursion music presents Hall of Rock – Band mix album coordinated by Samiul Shams Rid launching ceremony is arranged this 4th of June 2016 at The Grounds (Bailyroad)

This is the interview with the coordinator Samiul Shams Rid  by BCBD Magazine :

1.     How do you feel about the mix album “Hall of Rock” ?

A : The mix is pretty good. All the bands have some really good potential. If the music is good then the mix is great.

2.     What are the bands containing here ?

A : There are ten bands containing in this mix album. They are Owned, Aftermath, S!N, Rockaphobic, Jogot, Conclusion, Freedom, Distorted, l.Implicit and Yellow Frog.

3.     How promising are the bands in this mix album ?

A : They are the future of the rock scenery in Bangladesh underground. All the bands have so much potential. Owned is having a lead to be said and other bands like S!N, Aftermath, Freedom and Conclusion are having regular gigs while others are working very hard for their solo album.

4.     What are the future plans for these bands ?

A : Probably arrange some gigs and get them more active in  the scenary.

5.     How will the launching be for this mix album ?

A : Streaming already started from this mobile app called ‘GAAN’ from 27th may, 2016 and the launching ceremony will be arranged by Incursion Music at The Grounds at Bailyroad this 4th of June,2016 where the physical CD and T-shirts will be available and probably arrange a little acoustic show. It’s open for all and everybody is invited to come.

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