Home Interview If you could perform anywhere, where would you go? Meet ASPRAIN!

If you could perform anywhere, where would you go? Meet ASPRAIN!

written by Rifat Khan December 30, 2016


Rifat Khan


ASPRAIN an alternative rock band from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Resham is on guitar and vocals, Dhrubok plays guitar, Sifat on bass and Iqram on the drums!

Today they’ll be talking about their journey as a band, the mistakes they’ve made along the way and the most influential organizations in Bangladeshi music scene.

  • Tell us about your most memorable live performance.

ASPRAIN: We’ve got a lot of performing experiences worth calling memorable, but our most memorable live performance must be at Dhaka Comicon 2k15. It was super fun.

  • What makes you different from other punk rock/alternative rock band?

ASPRAIN: The outer band relationship and the chemistry between all the members is our biggest strength. It really makes a difference, and the diversity of our own tracks is also something that we think makes us different from others.

  • If you could be the headliner in the biggest music festival who are the 4 bands you would like to play with?

ASPRAIN: It’s very tough to choose only four but still doing it. 1.Green Day 2. Guns ‘N Roses 3. Nemesis 4. Vibe

  • What are the things that you would like to change about the music scene in Bangladesh?

ASPRAIN: Piracy and push/contribution slot system.

  • Who is your favorite band from Bangladesh and why so?

ASPRAIN: Nemesis. We just love their style and actually pretty much everything about them. <3

  • Tell us how did you guys start as a band and how was the journey?

ASPRAIN: It really did take a lot of time for us to reach the current lineup. We all came to know each other through Facebook/mutual friends. But we’re all best buddies now. And the journey wasn’t easy at all. It was/is challenging and adventurous. But we love what we do and that’s what matters.

  • What are the mistakes that you made along the way and what would be your suggestions for the newcomer bands to avoid the mistakes?

ASPRAIN: Our biggest mistake would be to not focus on our original tracks from the very beginning. It took us time to start doing our own music and to get fixed with a genre. Our suggestions for the newcomers would be to focus on own/original tracks more besides covering songs.

  • Who do you think are the most influential organizations that are trying to improve the music scene in Bangladesh?

ASPRAIN: There are currently a lot of influential organizations and magazines that are trying to improve the local music scene. But if we had to name only a few we’d give a shout out to Get Amped Series and BCBD magazine for their influential contributions.

  • If you could perform anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

ASPRAIN: Wembley Stadium maybe. The cherry on the top would be if we could open for one of the four bands we named earlier. :3

  • Confess something.

ASPRAIN: We once broke the snare skin of a renowned practice pad during jamming but never paid for it. And we’ve performed the song “Obocheton” in most of our gigs till now. (Around 15/16 gigs)



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