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Learn The Basics Of DJing!

written by Rifat Khan January 18, 2017

Learn the core topics to become a DJ! We’ll show you everything of industry standard DJ gear and help you develop the skills to use it. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to DJ, BCBD Entertainment is the perfect place to learn!

• Each lesson is 60-minutes long
• Lessons are taught by experienced professional DJs
• We provide all gear needed!
• No experience is necessary

Topics Covered:
• Introduction to DJing – the equipment, the terms, and how to get started
• Basic music theory: tempo, timing, and song structure
• Beat-matching
• Using the headphones, cueing songs
• How to use effects and when
• How to use EQs
• Mixing Techniques
• Library and File Management
• Where to find music, how to find high quality files.
• What is melodic mixing and how can it elevate your sets
• And much more!

Course Duration: 6 months (24 classes)
At the end of the course, you’ll get a certificate. Best performing DJs will get to work with BCBD Entertainment .

Classes will start from February, limited seats available. To book your seat fill the form here: http://bcbdmagazine.com/dj-course-registration/

For more information email, us at course@bcbdmagazine.com or call 8801534991812(Abeel Hossain)

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