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Low Roar Releases New Album: Once In a Long, Long While

written by Naseeha Rahman May 7, 2017

The second week of April, 2017, brought to us this much-awaited album by Low Roar. True to its genre, this new collection of songs is just as peaceful, calming and dreamy as anyone could hope for. The Icelandic, Indie Rock band creates music that is soothing, and meaningful at the same time. They may not be extremely popular just yet, but they are still quite amazing, and the beauty of the music they create, is helping them gain more audience, steadily.

The album is comprised of twelve new songs, all of them by Ryan Karazija, with the song, “Once In A Long, Long While” put in as the eighth. Some of these are comparatively more upbeat, while others have a mellow tone. But this is the kind of album you will love, if you prefer something more quiet and blue. These are the perfect winter or rainy day songs. This highly underrated band has been compared to the likes of Coldplay and Oasis, so fans of these bands may be inclined to check them out. Three years after the album “0”, comes this array of beautiful and rich songs, which go very well with the Icelandic environs. The album brings a piece of the artists’ home to foreign lands, something also seen in their other albums. The music somehow produces feelings of nostalgia, happiness, sadness and peace. This combination creates something incredibly gorgeous, an album many could love.



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