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Metallica Live, Canada (Halifax), July 14, 2011 Review

written by Rifat Khan September 18, 2015

Reviewed by: Megadethfan245(UG) , on july 18, 2011

Sound: I don’t know if it was the moment that made James‘ singing sound great, but either way I loved his singing. He sounded great on all of the songs after the black album and even sounded pretty good on the classic songs. Kirk pulled out a Jackson Rhoads and Gibson Les Paul during the concert to go a long with his normal signature ESP guitars. James was just using ESP. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I kinda hate Lars‘ cymbal sound. I didn’t really notice it during songs, but when he was just messing around, it sounded like tin cans kind of. // 8

Perfomance: This was my first concert that I’ve ever been too and I enjoyed every second of it. It’s the next day and I’m still pumped up from this whole show. Even when a drunk dude got in front of me and I couldn’t see. Why did I enjoy this? Because then a guy who was about 6’8 grabbed him and threw him somewhere else away from me and him. God bless that tall guy! Anyway, I love how James talked to us. He kept calling us Metallifax, which made everybody go insane. Metallica had lots of lights and a bit of pyro. 01. “Creeping Death” – When they started that everybody went insane! They did a great job of it. 02. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” – I was loving the bass on it, great performance. 03. “Fuel” – Thank god they played it fast because I find this song kinda boring to be honest, but live it was great! 04. “Ride The Lightning” – 1 word, AWESOME! 05. “Fade To Black” – Kirk messed up the last solo a little bit, but no one’s perfect and he still did a great job of it. That was the first song of the night that I sung the whole thing too I think. 06. “Cyanide” – Here is when I started going insane at the concert! They did a great job of performing it, like all the songs basically 07. “The Memory Remains” – This song is when the drunk idiot came up around me and hit me in the face a few times by accident(my dad wouldn’t let me punch him in the face sadly). I don’t really enjoy this song, but Metallica still did a grade A job of performing it. 08. “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” – Thank god the tall guy moved the drunk idiot away from me, back to the show! 09. “Sad But True” – Not much more to say than it was great 10. “All Nightmare Long” – Everybody went crazy during this song, I was one of the those people. 11. “One” – I loved the intro to this when they had the cannons and all that stuff. Also the song was pretty awesome too. 12. “Master Of Puppets” – James got us to sing a lot of this song, like he did with other songs also. Great job Metallica! 13. “Blackened” – Besides “Frayed Ends Of Sanity” this is my favorite Metallica song. I got most into this song, I was jumping, screaming and just plain going insane. Loved it! I lost most of my voice on this song actually! 14. “Nothing Else Matters” – I was singing a long with what little of my voice I had left! Before they did this Kirk did a little clean guitar solo which I have to admit was pretty awesome. Far from metal, but still awesome. 15. “Enter Sandman” – Well everyone knows this song is over played, but who cares! It was awesome at the concert, this song probably had the most people singing. 16. “Last Caress” – I love how James was like “Do you guys want some more!” or something like that, than starts singing “I got something to say, I killed your baby today!” It was a great moment. 17. “Hit The Lights” – Lots of energy and lots of moshers! 18. “Seek & Destory” – Sadly it was the last song, but it was a great performance. At one point James kept taking off his guitar and putting it on to see what the crowd would do. It was all “AHHHHH… AHHHHHHHHH… AHHHH…” I never realized how great of a front man he was, he really interacts with the crowd a lot. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was at the Halifax Garrison Grounds on July 14, 2011. The openers that I saw were most of Seether and Coheed & Cambria. I couldn’t really get into Coheed & Cambria at all. But they did play a really tight show. I did love Seether though, I wish they would’ve been on right before Metallica instead of Coheed & Cambria. But whatever, it didn’t change the awesomeness of the concert. I loved everything about the whole show, just wish Metallica would’ve played “Orion“, “Call Of Ktulu“, “Fight Fire With Fire” and “Damage Inc.” But whatever that’s fine too. The tickets were around $100 and easily worth the money. The most unforgettable moment of the show was when “Ecstasy Of Gold” started to play and Lars ran out and started “Creeping Death“. I’ll be honest, I almost did cry I was so happy. Next time Metallica comes to Halifax, I mean Metallifax, I’m totally going! // 10

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