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Music Musings by Nuzart

written by BCBD Magazine May 20, 2016

I have always been a music person..
Headphones being my most prized possession..
I could never get out of the house without my iPod..
I remember forgetting to carry my earphones one day.. I had my finals to attend..
But my mind craved music like it was a drug…and I knew I couldn’t go through with the exam without feeding my addiction..
So I did what I had to.. I bought myself a pair of headphones.. stood in the corner and listened to some good old music..
I was getting late for my exam.. but I couldn’t care less..
All my reservations, predicaments and all the people around disappeared..
I was there hovering in the middle.. in my own precinct …in my own world..
It amazes me sometimes…the power of music..
How it affects us.. How it consumes us..
It’s almost like magic..
Music touches the depths of our soul.. And it’s amazing how
a familiar song can bring back untold, unvisited memories..
It sometimes churns such vast range of emotions within us..
it can make us feel sad at one moment.. and exuberant the next..
It can motivate.. It can educate.. or it can simply just help us relax..
Music comes as a friend..
As an escape.
An escape from reality..
I’m sure we all have, at some point in our lives.. imagined being in a music video while listening to music in the car.. haha
Music, as they say, is food for the soul..
It’s like love.. you have to feel it..
Like I feel it..
It enables ‘a switch’ embedded in all of us.. a switch called emotions..
So plug in your earphones.. Switch on your heart.. music will take care of the rest.


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