Home Rock Pennsylvania hard rockers with a radio-friendly approach that’s aggressive and forceful yet melodic

Pennsylvania hard rockers with a radio-friendly approach that’s aggressive and forceful yet melodic

written by Ziad Hossain September 21, 2015

Artist Biography by Alex Henderson

Pennsylvania natives Breaking Benjamin,named after founder and lead singer Ben Burnley, play a brand of metal-tinged alternative rock that came to define the sound of mainstream rock in the early 2000s. Indebted equally to the minor-chord dirges of first-wave grunge rockers like Alice in Chains and the pyrotechnic bombast of vintage arena rock,Breaking Benjamin became one of the most popular rock bands in the United States scoring a number one with the single “Breath” in 2007. Two of their albums,2004s We Are Not Alone and 2006s Phobia,have been certified platinum in the U.S.
Dear Agony is the fourth album by rock band Breaking Benjamin. It was released on September 29,2009. This is the last album to contain work from all featured band members except Ben Burnley due to the legal issues between Burnley and the two members Aaron Fink and Mark Klepaski during 2011, and drummer Chad Szeliga departing in 2013 over creative differences. Breaking Benjaming began writing for Dear Agony during 2008. The recording process began in September, leading to its release one year later. The cover of the album is an MRI scan of frontman Benjamin Burnley’s head. Burnley has cited Dear Agony as the first album he has written sober. After the album’s release it entered the Billboard 200 Chart at #4 selling roughly 134,000 copies in its first week,slightly more than Phobia. It also topped the iTunes download charts in the first week of its release. As of February 16,2010, Dear Agony has been certified Gold by the RIAA and sold 834,000 copies. Tim Grierson of About.com stated “Ultimately Dear Agony demonstrates Breaking Benjamin’s craftmanship if not their brilliant creativity. James Christopher Monger from AllMusic noted that the band’s “fourth foray into the crowded waters of early 21st century alternative metal/post-grunge feels alot like their first three.Alex Young at Consequence Of Sound opined that “Nothing on Dear Agony is worth the purchase,nothing,” also noting  “the album as a whole feels dated and charmless.” “Give Me A Sign.” or as listed on charts and the single “Give Me a Sign (Forever And Ever).” is the second single and power ballad from the alternative metal band  in the same album Dear Agony. The song was released as a radio single on January 5, 2010. Upon its release as a single, the song has adopted the extended title. “Give Me A Sign”. The song reached #97 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was far more successfull on the Billboard rock chart, #9 on the Rock Songs chart, and #10 on the Alternatice Songs chart.

An acoustic version was released by the band on January 13,2010. The acoustic version was placed on the Japanese import release of Dear Agony. Along with the singles “Sooner or Later” and “Until the End”, “Give Me A Sign” has been released as a downloadable song on Guitar Hero 5.

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