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written by BCBD Magazine May 21, 2016

A newly emerged Post Melodic Grunge band from the Dhaka underground music scenario Probaho just released an amazing new song called ‘Shunnotay Eka . It is their first single released from their upcoming debut album . It is a very romantic beautiful song about a tragic love between two people . With a soothing keyboard tone and heavy guitar riffs, it makes perfect rock song among the young generation.


This is the interview with Probaho :


  1.   How would you like to describe the track you submitted “ShunnotayEka”?

A – Well we,Probaho is a Post Melo Grunge band. After forming the band,we thought about the songs through grunge taste. But it must have variations of flavor. Some like revolutionary songs,some just feel his past through a song. This song is about the post break up conditions of a couple,who miss each other!


  1.   How old is your band ?

A – We are not an old band,been working in projects from long ago then decided to form the project into a band line up in August 15,2015


  1.   What are the future plans for “Probaho” ?

A – Well our future plan is create a new revolution in post grunge history of BD. Not everyone is used to this genre so we want to mix this one with other genres. And that will be done through our albums Inshaa Allah.


  1.   When will you start on your debut album work ?

A – We already have started the debut album work. Hopefully will release asap.


  1.    How do you make a compositions ? Is there any particular formula ?

A – No particular formula but situations around.


  1.   Is there any hidden message in your compositions?

A – Yes in every song we are doing in our debut album holds a hidden message! Either that’s a story or a situation.


  1.   How is your families and friends think about you guys doing music ?

A – Not much supportive but never discourage us.


  1.       What are your future goals ?

A – To create a strong position in BD Rock Music Industry.Hahaha


  1.   Who would you like to tour with ?

A – Our brotherly bands who inspired us,helped us and those  bands whose are not much popular but they mean a lot to us


  1.   What are the underground scenario problems you guys are facing as a band ?

A – The UG and new bands face the problem that is mass people are not interested in that band. Like they hesitate to listen to their music.If they don’t listen to their songs then how they will improve? And UG scenario lacks unity among the bands. This thing hurts that we are not cooperative. Hopefully that will be abolished someday


Members of Probaho :

Vocal and Guitar : Amx

Keyboard : Nibir

Lead Guitar : Saddam

Bass : Sumon

Drums : Apu

General Manager : Aman


I encourage you to listen to their song and follow their upcoming gig

For more info visit : www.facebook.com/Probaho-503966256438125

Listen to “Shunnotay Aka” by Probaho

Shunnotay aka by Probaho

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