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Remembering Manna Dey

written by Naseeha Rahman May 1, 2017

In celebration of Manna Dey’s 98th birthday, we’re looking back at some of his best works. The playback star, beloved by many of his generation, mostly sang in Hindi and Bangla. Amidst various awards and prizes, he was honored by both, his fanatics and critics. His song, “Coffee House Er Shei Adda Ta Aaj Ar Nei” is one of the most popular and beloved songs in Bangla, known to listeners of every age. The nostalgic, reminiscent tone this song provides, is something almost everyone can relate to. Other than that, there are songs like, “Ami Jamini, Tumi Sashi He”, “Jodi Kagoje Lekho Naam”, “Aaja Sanam”, etc. that have been considered some of the best in Indian and Bangla music. The emotions his voice holds, the soft, husky tone to it, make every single song of his, a pleasant treat to the ears. And so, his wonderful creations live on among Bengali and Indian hearts, alike, immortal even though his voice has stopped forever.

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