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Rock to Roll- What You Missed!

written by RaisaRahman March 22, 2016

   Rock to Roll

What a headbanging concert it was! Talk about Rock to Roll! Sold out arena with the greatest line of 2016. The show started with the Chittagong stars ASHES with a remarkable performance to steal the hearts of the crowd. There was also a great performance by the kid rock-stars FREEDOM who covered one of the greatest hits of legendary rock and roll band ACDC with also their own originals and their upcoming single ‘এক গ্লাস মদ

The next to rock the stage was S!N as they blew the roof of the place with their original rock song and also their new released single ‘BOOM’. The last performance was the one to look out for because they were none other than the one and only CADAVER as they performed their new track ‘HARLOT’ from their upcoming debut full length album and also cover “BYOB” of “SOAD” and “Walk” by “Pantera” which was also performed by guest appearance Syed Rayhan Kawsar, front-man of the band Warsite along side of CADAVER.

Then there was the album launching of Bay of Bengal which was done with the stage shared by the special guest BASSBABA SUMON and another great performance by Bay of Bengal. Then the roof was literally blown away by the Machanix as they had a show after a long period of gap. Later, the band Poraho shared the stage with a great performance with the tracks of their recent solo album. After a freaking five years, D.O.T. is back with the guest guitarist Shahriar Nabi Orchi from the band NAIVE. Lastly, it was time for the headliner ARBOVIRUS to close the show . Although the vocalist Sufi was missing but who knew the drummer Nafeez Al Amin would be a great vocal?

ARBOVIRUS performed with two guest members vocal Abir Ahmed Shuvo of the Hardcore / Thrash Metal band Trainwreck and drummer A.K. Rahul of the band Poraho.

The concert was a hit and the dreamland of all the fans out there. At least, i am hoping to look out for these talented bands in the future.

Reported by Abdun ‘Pir Baba’ Nafee

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