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Rockaphobic is the newest and upcoming band in Dhaka. They are an exciting four man rock band contains; Baktiar Sakib on guitars and vocals, Tahmid Ishmam on drums, Arafat Quraishy on bass, and Fahim Ahsan on guitars. They have already released three singles and an EP. They are currently working for their debut album.

April 13th 2016 – Rockaphobic, the Dhaka based rock band from Bangladesh, has released their third single ‘সকাল’; the first single under ME LABEL, after their breakthrough debut EP ‘ধূসর ব্যবচ্ছেদ’ from the year 2014.
This is the interview with Rockaphobic :

Q.1: How did each of you come into playing your particular instruments and style?

A:  I knew Ishmam and Arafat for a long time. In fact, Ishmam was in the first band that I have played in. But that was back in 2009 and it was a complete different project. Later on, when we formed Rockaphobic in 2012, we were looking for a guitarist and a bassist. Fahim was the first one that settled with us, but later on he had to leave the band for his extensive pressure on studies. We are glad to have him back again in the group. And Arafat always was the most obvious choice when Adit left the band for his educational purpose, because he is involved with the band since the beginning, and he plays the instrument so well.

Q.2: Please tell us about the song you submitted ‘Shokal’?

A:  It is a very straight forward song. We didn’t try to put anything fancy to destroy the mood of the song. We rather tried to add more melody to it, and let the song breath more. This was also a very unique songwriting approach for us, because we generally follow more hard rock approach. It was a very refreshing experience in the end, and hopefully, our audience will accept this approach.

Q.3: How many songs do you currently have and what is your discography?

A: We have recorded almost 7 song so far, which includes 3 Singles including “Shokal” and 1 Ep.

Q.4: How do you go writing and working about a new song? Is there a particular formula or songwriting process?

A: Basically,we don’t have any particular formula. We select our topic for a song. We write lyrics, we add music, and that’s pretty much it. Sometimes the lyrics comes first, sometimes the music does. I think, the most important thing is to feel your music, and we are totally into it, we mean every word we say.
Q.5: Is there a message in your music?

A: Yes! Our every song has a concept of its own.

Q.6: How is the music scene in underground
based on your thought ?

A: Full of promises and dreams.

Q.7: How do your families and friends feel about your music?

A: Everybody is very supportive and at home with our music. They are our biggest inspirations. We can’t thank them enough.

Q.8: What band would you most like to tour with?

A: The Tree.

Q.9: What is the craziest thing you have observed as a band at a show?

A: Every time we perform some crazy shit happens, it is really hard to differ one from other. But we love when people head bang and jump ups and down with our songs.

Q.10: What are your long term goals?

A: Finish recoding our debut album, releasing it, and doing kickass shows.

‘সকাল’ is recorded in the studio of Apogee Music, which was used to record ‘ধূসর ব্যবচ্ছেদ’ as well. The song was mixed and mastered by A.K. Ratul from the band Owned.
‘সকাল’ is a romantic, moody, powerful, and catchy song, and it perfectly captures Rockaphobic’s unique brand of songwriting.

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