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Saints and Sinners – A Brand New Album by Twelve Noon

written by Naseeha Rahman May 15, 2017

The alternative metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Twelve Noon, is releasing their debut album, this 9th June, through Eclipse Records. Initially formed by Rob Heil and Michael Loew back in 2015, these guys used to perform cover songs. Eventually, they started making original music of their own and received a lot of appreciation from their listeners. This inspired them to start writing and creating more, and later, to release their first album! With the help of producer Bobby Balow, they put together the best of all their songs, to make this album. The result was a mixture of metal and rock, each song containing a lot of meaning and expression.

The album consists of ten new songs, starting with “Change My Ways”. It also contains their first single ever, “No Way Out”, which actually has a new music video you can watch here. The songs are derived from the members’ experiences at different stages of their lives and so, are full of all sorts of emotions. They focus on love, life, people, depression, and many other details that affect almost everyone. This makes the songs very easy to relate to, reaching out towards listeners from all walks of life. The music they created is powerful and hard-hitting, something to be expected from a band of this genre. The lyrics and tones, together, create unique feelings that can only be relived, when listening to the songs on repeat. And indeed, they have created numbers you would want to listen to on loop, for days.

Grab this amazing album as soon as it’s out, this June. If you’re a metal or rock fan, you’re bound to love Twelve Noon. Give these guys a listen, let them know how much you love their music, and inspire them to do more. Because with the music they make, it seems like these guys are going pretty far, very soon.

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