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Scream Bloody Death: A tribute to Death from Bangladesh

written by TheMadRattler December 30, 2015

Death is undoubtedly among the most important and influential metal acts to have ever emerged from North America. It has been 14 years since their front man Chuck Schuldiner, one of the greatest philosophers of music left this world forever, but his legacy lives on. On January 8, 2016, Bangladesh Metal Alliance has arranged a tribute on behalf of Bangladesh to Death and their work to remind our generation of the people who made Death Metal what it is today.

Bangladesh Metal Alliance is an organization formed in 2013 that has been promoting new metal bands and organizing some of the most memorable underground Metal concerts in Bangladesh. Their only goal is, paraphrasing them, “spreading the real essence of Metal music in Bangladesh” and they are doing it right.

After the successful East Bengal Onslaught, BMA brings you its next epic gig, “Scream Bloody Death!” – a collaboration of 21 musicians led by 5 foremen that is going to resurrect Death right here in Dhaka. The event has already gained a lot of popularity and its flyer was even featured in the official Death page.

The gig will be held at the National Library Auditorium, Agargaon. Tickets cost Tk. 250 per head. Keep an eye on the event page to find out when tickets become available. We’ll keep giving you updates on the event and a very special interview of Nabil Abaddon, the founder of BMA. Be there.

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