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Screech Talk About Being Signed To Get Amped Series And The Underground Music Scene In Bangladesh

written by Rifat Khan December 11, 2016


Rifat Khan

BCBD Magazine recently got to spend some time with Bangladeshi band Screech. Where they talked about being signed to Get Amped Series and about the underground music scene in Bangladesh and much more!

The members of Screech have been through a lot of difficulties to form this amazing alternative rock band. On vocal there is Mehedi Hasan Irsho and Shams Siam. Shams Siam also plays lead guitar for the band. Sadman Rakin is on the bass. Zobaer Abedin Dip takes care of the drums.


When we asked about their experience being signed to Get Amped Series, without any hesitation they told us how Get Amped Series has always been a great support for them along with many other bands and that it feels great for them to be working together with Get Amped Series. Get Amped Series is the first concert organizer to bring underground music scene to Uttara.

Screech is currently recording their first single and hopefully will release the track online soon. They are also working on their debut album and are planning to hit the studio very soon with it.

When we asked about the underground music scene in Bangladesh, they said,” The scene has always been the best. Recently the scene has been facing some pullbacks but the scene will rise to the top again.”

What makes Screech different from any other band in Bangladesh is that, they’re basically a rock band but unlike any other band they try to deliver a different flavor of rock music to their audience. They are basically focused on a bit heavy as well as soft flavor in their music and they’re still experimenting with their sound.

When asked about what they want to change in the music industry in Bangladesh they replied with the following words, “Appreciation towards every other genre is what we want in this industry. Trying to move forward with the new type of sounds and not to be inside the box. Artists work hard on their music day and night, and people should try to respect that.”

“A lot of people, artists, and organizations are trying to change the underground scene for the better and we still believe Get Amped Series to be one of them, we are also supporting this attempt and we ask everyone to do the same. Times are changing and our music scene has to evolve to reach new heights.”

They’ve also told us about the facts that they wish they never did as a band, “There are probably many things that we wish we hadn’t done as a band, but nothing in particular that we regret about. We believe that we learn from our mistakes and we must always keep moving forward.”

According to them some of the current icons of underground music scene in Bangladesh is, “Arbovirus, Nemesis, Ashes, Powersurge, Poraho, Owned and many more!”

They’ve also told us that they think that the true metalheads who resides in Bangladesh other than Dhaka are mainly living in Rajhshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet.


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