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Stand by Sir Lucky Aakhand!

written by Rifat Khan August 1, 2016

One of the most legendary singer from Bangladesh, creator of numerous famous songs is Sir Lucky Aakhand. He has been suffering from lung cancer for a long time now.

Someday ago he has been admitted to hospital again. He was suffering from backbone pain due to chemotherapy. After treatment of 6 months he has returned from Thailand last 25th of March. After taking chemotherapy his heath has improved significantly.

He was supposed to go to Bangkok in the June of this year for treatment. According to the recommendation of the doctors he was supposed take 5 more chemotherapy from a hospital there. From a news source we got to know that due to his financial condition, this legendary musician has refrained himself from taking the treatment.

We have lost many more musicians like this before, not anymore! If talented artists like him keeps dying due to lack of treatment, we won’t have anything to be proud of Bengali art culture.

Let’s stand by Sir Lucky Aakhand. There will be a tribute concert organized very soon. Spread the word and save a life!

To stand by Sir Lucky Aakhand:

Lucky Aakhand

Bangkok Bank, Thailand

Account number: 113.4.91868.7

Uttara Bank Limited

Account number: S B 1476

Dutch Bangla Bank

Account number: 162.101.137369

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