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“The Hanging Man”

written by Orthy Ali December 21, 2015

After all these years, The Canyon observer; one of the most famous metal act in Slovenia made a huge impression by releasing their new album FVCK in the Old Power Station on 20th November. Exactly three years have passed since their last EP – “These Binds Will Set You Free.” This new album contains everything you can possibly ask for from a post/noise/sludge band. This album’s not only comprised of three rough-ranging four new tracks of about 10-15 minutes, but also contains nerve-wrecking composition of three more shorter ones. It’s almost terrifying how psychotic and perplexing this album is. It’s good enough to stun you with an outrage of its hypnotic verses.

In the FVCK album release, the audiences surely looked up to their vocalist; Matic Babič. And by that, i mean literally. He was suspended by strings in mid air to perform!
“Fuck it, we’ll do it live” said Matic.
Now as crazy as it sounds, the strings actually did pierce through his skin and flesh and held him up. “it was done once, live practice, live show, all at once!” – Matic added. To watch them performing this live, keep an eye out to their YouTube channel around December. Now, for him it was easier than what he had expected. Nevertheless, it sounds fatal to even think about. However, the singer did admit that he was a bit nervous, but he had his mind set on it for years. So no regrets. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

“It was not only brave of him but totally psycho! I loved it, and all the people, who’s faces went from “worried” to “fuck yeah! excited” showed the same thing! It was also something that wasn’t like some sort of kitsch (like some animations in the background, or overuse of lights ext.) but something that brought everything to a whole nother level. I really hope we can do something like this again, or an upgrade!!!” said Simon (drummer, TCO).

The making of the third release took them more time than any other, so when we asked for some details on the album in terms of genre, their answers were enormously motivating.

“The most specific thing about this album is that we finally decided not to stress over how we should label ourselves. We’re all individually inspired by different styles of music (raging from rap, to hardcore punk, to black metal, and some pop music, jazz, funk, you name it…) and it was very hard trying to constrain everything within one particular gender, because someones musical potential was always left out. Often, when we were jamming, we came up with ideas that weren’t related to metal directly, but to other types of music that which we could convey into metal music. So we finally began doing just that, taking all we know about music and art in general and try to convey it into a more darker, powerful and ambiental type of art.” – Simon.

“We didn’t plan any genre changes it all just happened while we were making new songs, the material just started to sound more aggressive and brutal than the previous one. And the production on FVCK is really great, it was mixed by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City) and mastered by James Plotkin, who is known for working with big names in our genre.” – Nik (bassist, TCO).

The Canyon Observer surely is the next big thing. In a spirit of noise and wandering through your hearing channels, they give you some slowly evolving songs, distorted guitars, and unrecognizable vocals. Their effort and energy to this band is over the top. They’ve been working together for years and the bonding between every one of them is priceless. So don’t miss out a thing from them!

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Photos by Tilyen Mucik Photography


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