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Tri-Linear Beats on Being a Bangladeshi Cover Band

written by Naseeha Rahman June 6, 2017

A trio, covering the songs they love with a bit of their own twist, Tri-Linear Beats is quickly becoming a beloved group for the Bangladeshi young-adults. With Anveer Ahmed as the vocalist, Jamiul Haq Mitul as Lead Guitarist and Nahid Aman Niloy at the Rhythm Guitar, this is a group that shows a lot of potential. We at BCBD caught up with the band recently, to chat about their music, future plans, and inspirations. They sure make a fun team of musicians who love what they do, passionately. Scroll through to read about these three youngsters!

  1. Tell us how the band originally formed and how you guys came up with the name.

We all come from Shaheen. That’s where we met. We were already kind of a combined act, the three of us, performing in different functions for our school. The name just sort of made sense. After covering “Obocheton” together, we decided to officially start a band. We were at a friend’s house when we all decided on it and “Tri-linear Beats” seemed perfect.

  1. What inspired each of you to make music and perform?

When asked this question, all three of the guys had very interesting stories to share. They each had their own particular inspirations, some of them even a little weird.

Niloy, for example, started his life as a guitarist with badminton rackets. He was very small when he used to watch music videos on T.V. and aspired to be like one of the musicians.

“I used to want to be just like them so I would get a badminton racket and pretend to play along to the songs. Seeing this, my parents bought me a ukulele. And that’s what got me started on this journey.”

Mitul, on the other hand, has a different story to tell. He too, was inspired by musicians and it was his mom’s wish to teach him music, professionally. He even started getting guitar lessons from a professional teacher. However, this talented musician himself told Mitul he couldn’t make it.

“I have quite a temper and hearing this, I felt a certain sense of determination to really learn music and prove him wrong. And so, I did, all by myself.” And now, Mitul is this self-taught guitarist, in a band that’s loved by so many listeners!

Anveer seems like the target of a lot of teasing from the other two. According to Mitul and Niloy, he learned his music for the ladies! In answer, the frontman of the band only blushed and laughed. But we’re pretty sure Anveer has a lot of love for the music he makes.

  1. The society here in Bangladesh isn’t so accepting towards artists. Did you guys face many obstacles as a new band?

“We actually didn’t have a lot of problems in that department. Our friends and families were very supportive and helped us grow.” was Niloy’s ready answer.

But since they tend to modify old songs and sing them their way, the guys did receive some criticism from their listeners. The generation of people these songs are from, don’t seem to appreciate the changes they’re making.

  1. Would you change anything about the current music scene of our country? If so, what?

“Definitely the people’s point of view”, said Anveer.

The band is mostly covering Bangla songs at the moment, and the fans love that! But they don’t necessarily receive equally positive responses to international songs.

“We have a lot of fans from around the world now and they love our music. Their only complaint is, they don’t understand the lyrics to our songs. We’d love to make music that can reach everyone but with the mindset of the people here, it gets tough.”

  1. Do you plan on branching out to new genre of music someday?

We’re a cover band and we’ve tried out a lot of different genre. Metal, rock, pop, and so much more! Our songs don’t have a fixed genre. We’re an experimental band and we’re still trying stuff out.

  1. You’ve been together for quite some time. Tell us a few fun stories about the band.

Well, we always enjoy filming our music videos. That’s when we have a lot of fun.

There is a story that can be considered quite interesting but it was an embarrassing experience for us. We were supposed to perform at Shaheen once and we’d even posted a status on our page, letting people know. Lots of fans turned up from different places, hoping to see us live. It was pretty amazing. But the problem was, we weren’t there! You see, we had actually cancelled the show but no one really received that message. The status about the cancellation was never shared as much, so that day, there were a lot of disappointed fans, just waiting around. We had to answer to a lot of questions for that incident, and it was not pretty.

Mitul and Niloy, however, had a few little stories about Anveer to share. Apparently, the vocalist of this band has a habit of clearing his throat every time he starts a new song and when in front of the camera, he spends a lot of his time, looking at everything around him.

  1. Last but not least, who would you like to thank for your success as a band?

We definitely have a lot of our friends to thank. There are also certain names we can’t help but mention. Shanto bhaia from Blunderware, Nafiz bhaia from Arbovirus, and there’s Tilok bhaia, Shafkat bhaia and Akeeb bhaia, who helped and inspired us a lot! We’re all very grateful towards these guys for the huge amount of support they provided.

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