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Unmadh, Rock Band from Chittagong and Their Story

written by RaisaRahman February 24, 2016
Unmadh Performing Live

Recently, I had the chance to meet a Chittagong based rock band named Unmadh. I got the privilege to interview the band recently. When asked about what kind of band they were, they replied that they were a a rock and roll/blues rock/hard rock band. With Aerosmith, Airborne being few of their musical inspirations; though they admitted that each band member has different music tastes and choices.

The band had it’s struggle times when putting up this great legendary together. One of the members went on, “We were all college friends. That’s where the band began. But we went through big changes in the lineup. After Munna joined in the lineup was finally fixed. Sayed, Adnan and Chotu were our past vocals. And before Mong joined in Jack and Saqeb were part of the band”. He was also asked what kept them going even if there were not so many chances to fame and he replied with a smirk, “We are lucky to have met some wonderful people in our journey. Most notably Shanto bhai and Chisti bhai who has been guiding us throughout every stage, supporting and inspiring us to give our best at every step”.

They also said us about their future plans which was that they dreamed to create their own sound in the Bangladeshi music scene and internationally. But for now they are focusing on their upcoming album. They added that the biggest hurdle for them was the lack of exposure in some areas. Its tough to get noticed and it can be demoralizing to new musicians. But it could be a good thing because it inspires them to work harder and create better music as the music industry gets bigger and better every year.

Sabbir Hossain Farukh.

Sabbir Hossain Farukh live with Unmadh. Photo by: Royal Image

One of the members replied with utter enthusiasm when asked about their songs, “There is no one specific writing the songs for us. When someone comes up with an idea we all pitch in and try to make the song work for us. Everybody shares the work for every song”. Their mantra was simple and they wanted to go by it, “This is a common saying, but “fame isn’t what we are after”. We would have chosen more mainstream approach instead. But to put it bluntly, our claim to fame is our what we make. As long as it connects, if and when it does. Boom. That’s it”. Well, for once I know that their fans won’t be disappointed with the band’s down-to-earth attitude and goals.

But when it came down to fans, one thing was seriously noted and that was illegal downloading of music. It really hurts all the artists’ integrity and this is what he had to say for everyone out there who did this, “Downloading music illegally is the worst thing happening to music industry in our opinion. Making an album is an expensive business. It is unfair to the artists and unfair to their music”. Surely, fans, you need to appreciate your favorite bands and artists’ hard work. They do things to make you happy and so they expect the same.

As the interview came to an end, they had a few good words for new bands out there and aspiring artists, “Our advice would be to be unique in their own way. To create their own sound. Perform more of the originals live”. He also added, “Music is like an escape for us. We are all students and its tough to get time for everything that we want to do. When we are together, be it in practice or creating a new song, we can easily forget about the negativity and work together in creating something new and wonderful”.

Muhit Rahman and Mong Sai Live

Muhit Rahman and Mong Sai Playing live at School of Rock Series !

Check out their Facebook page for new dates of their shows and amazing new props and segments. Lastly, Unmadh is a band whose main priority is to give a performance that the crowd will remember and something that will keep them wanting for more. To be honest, I am already pretty excited to see their live shows and I am guessing you are too.




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