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Zaeed Zubair, the New Rage of the BD Electronic Scene

written by Naseeha Rahman May 10, 2017

A fairly new music producer and DJ from Chittagong, Zaeed Zubair is someone the young-adults of Bangladesh love listening to. His work in Trance and electronic music has changed the music scene of our country for the better. He has gained a lot in a short amount of time, from admirers, to international recognition; which portrays his talent and passion for the music he creates. Over the years, he has travelled and performed in countless venues, nurturing his DJ skills and giving his audience a truly good time. Since he works with a lot of Dance music, he has readily gained fame among people from all walks of life. This also explains why his fanbase mostly consists of the younger generation.

His fantastic performance has made him the first Bangladeshi Trance artist to be signed to an international record label based in London, U.K. the “Unite in Trance Records”. But he is currently working with “Incursion Music”. He has also created music pieces with many well-known artists of the country, namely, Minar Rahman, Srabonti Ali, etc. His song, “Biporite”, was actually chosen as the soundtrack to the film, ‘Revision”, aired in NTV. Among his other songs, “Amaro Porano” is one of the most loved and praised by his listeners. The EDM track climbed to the second position in the Bangladeshi top charts and was aired, relentlessly, by various local radio stations. This young star gets his inspiration from legends like John Lennon, Hans Zimmer, Celldweller, Pendulum, etc. and loves performing live, since it brings him closer to the fans. His first ever Promo DJ Mix reached high positions in five worldwide top charts and he was once dubbed “Artist of the Month” by “Dhaka Electronic Scene”. The art he creates has taken this young man pretty far; hopefully, he will continue making good music for a very long time.

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